Ternyata Bahasa Indonesia Jauh lebih Simple Daripada Bahasa Inggris

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Ternyata Bahasa Indonesia Jauh lebih Simple Daripada Bahasa Inggris

Ternyata bahasa Indonesia itu jauh lebih gak ribet daripada bahasa Indonesia. Kok bisa?
Berikut ini bukti-buktinya.

In English: "Would you care to validate your previous statement?"
In Indonesian: "SUMPE LO?!"

In English: "Sorry, I think you miscalculated your own capabilities to handle the task at hand."
In Indonesian: "Nenek lu kiper!"

In English: "Would you care to elaborate on that statements?"
In Indonesian: "MANKSUUDDD LOH?!"

In English: "There's a 75% chance I won't make it, I'm far too busy for ur stupid event."
In Indonesian: "Insya'Allah guweh dateng!"

In English: "The meeting will start at 9:15 AM. Please be there 15 minutes beforehand."
In Indonesian: "Rapatnya jam 8!"

In English:"Let's try this new scam and see if those carbo-ladden brains buy it"
In Indonesian: "Mbok-e minta pulsa"

English: "Please stop by our outlet. There might be stuff you'll find interesting."
Indonesian: "Giordanonya, Kakaaak!"

English: "I've stumbled upon something that might be of interest to you. You might find it useful."
Indonesian: "CEKIDOT GAN!"

English: "I'm so overwhelmed by this turn of event that I'm speechless and in awe."
Indonesian: "ANJROT!"

English: "This is a very interesting topic that everybody should stay updated about this."
Indonesian: "Sundul, Gan!"

English: "I definitely won't make it. You guys go and have fun without me."
Indonesian: "Ntar gue nyusul."

English: "You're absolutely, positively 100% correct. But I knew that already."
Indonesian: "EMBEER!"

English: "That's so profound. I can't contribute anything further but I need to say something to sound equally smart."
Indonesian: "Dhalem!"
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